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RichHeart Wonder spends his time traveling the world as a Consultant for Holistic Lifestyle Retreats. With his background of over 40 years of natural healing, RichHeart originally started the ‘Wonder Natural Foods’ store with a focus on Chinese medicinal herbs. He was also a founder and director of The Healing Waters Foundation; a 200 acre natural hot springs resort and detox center. He also traveled as a Personal Nutritional Consultant for the Rolling Stones. Being a passionate traveler, Rich explored the Amazon, New Guinea, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Burma, Nepal, Tibet and India, where he was fortunate enough to meet the Dalai Lama in his own home. Rich also spent the night on the top of Machu Picchu, meditated in Chitzen Itza, crossed the Sahara on camel back, even slept on the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. He is the author of "Merging with the Mystery", his personal experience of dying and returning to life. Most recently RichHeart has come across a unique therapeutic device that can shift consciousness purely through light and sound, called the Ajna Light.

What is the Ajna Light?

Listen to Guy Harriman, the inventor of the Ajna Light.

The Ajna Light represents a breakthrough in brain entrainment, helping to restore a deep connection to your mind & body. A unique tool for consciousness transformation and inner visionary journeys purely from closing your eyes under the light.

Awakened Insight

The Ajna Light is an innovative and highly effective device which easily and rapidly brings the user into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. The Ajna Light works through brainwave entrainment using very powerful flickering light.

Light & Sound

No matter how busy your mind is, people still respond physiologically to the brainwave entrainment. Within minutes most people release the stress in their body as they respond to these light patterns and sound waves.

Visionary Journeys

The Ajna light is a tool can help train your meditation practice into previously unexplored realms whether you’re a beginner, or experienced. It magnifies your inner experience of concentration, clarity and peace, altering your consciousness through light.

RichHeart Wonder

International author and speaker, RichHeart's remarkable journey to the other side will open your mind to a new realm of understanding the universe, click to find out more

RichHeart also wrote a collection of travel stories called "My Shirt Stories". This is a collection of T-shirt inspired stories and photographs from exotic places, unique cultures and amazing experiences from distant lands. Click to find out more

While flying to his mother's funeral on May 20th, 2012, Rich Wonder had a very unexpected occurrence on the airplane. He passed out, was verified to have no pulse by a Medical Doctor, and was taken on a spiritual journey to another world. In this book, Rich conveys his experience of what he saw and felt while visiting 'The Other Side'. After returning he shares his spiritual memories and provides his messages of 'how to best live life after dying'. Click here to find out more.

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